Procurement. Transformed.

Access tools, data, and community to modernize your sourcing process rapidly and inexpensively.

Pay-as-you-go low transactions fees without commitment instead of locked-in expensive subscriptions fees.

Quick, easy implementation vs. tricky set-up. 

Collaborate internally and externally instead of taking an adversarial approach.

Facilitate Context-Specific Sourcing

Sourcing Innovation from Tech Startups and Growth Companies
Helping Buyers Discover, Vet, and Mentor Diverse Suppliers
Making Procurement-as-a-Service Collaborative and Transparent

Upgrade Your Approach

We improve your existing sourcing workflow.


Accelerate Sourcing Cycles

Execute good RFPs more efficiently.

Cast A Wider Net

Discover more leads.


Be Strategic

Engage people from across the firm.


Develop relationships with suppliers.



Make your existing approach easier to use.

Be Smart

Make more informed decisions.

Smart city and communication network concept. IoT(Internet of Things). ICT(Information Communication Network).

Buy Better

Use our tools, data, and community to add to your current approach.
We make it easy for suppliers to give buyers what they want.


Rapid Supplier Onboarding and Risk Assessment
Public and Private Repositories of Live and Historic RFP / Contract Data
Linking of Buyers to Buyers, Suppliers to Suppliers, and Buyers to Suppliers
Free Access to Tools and Community for an Unlimited Number of Users per Organization
Adam Straker

“EdgeworthBox helped us with the matching problem.
We increased the quality and the quantity of proposals we received.”

Adam Straker
Program Manager, Future of Retail, Communitech