Sourcing Made Simple

EdgeworthBox is a set of tools, structured data, and community that helps B2B buyers execute RFPs.

We help buyers purchase the right solution, from the right supplier, at the right price.

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DIY Group Purchasing

Every purchase is a group purchase whether it involves aligning an internal group of stakeholders, managing chains of contractors, or collaborating with other buyers.

EdgeworthBox digitizes the hard part: coordinating around procurement in a single, dedicated space to obtain problem-solution fit and value-for-money.

RFPs Are Difficult

They take
too long

They cost too much to execute

They don’t surface enough competition

They often
appear unfair

What Would an Ideal RFP Look Like?

B2B buyers want to get problem-solution fit at a reasonable price. Quickly.

They need suppliers to compete on price and solution.

Good suppliers want customers who will be long-term partners

Smarter decisions

Access structured internal and external data for market intelligence

Faster cycles

Speed up stakeholder consensus with collaboration

Market intelligence

Simplify deep due diligence

Lower costs

Reduce transactions costs and opportunity costs

Why EdgeworthBox?

Other tools are transactional. EdgeworthBox is strategic.

Purchase jointly to obtain economies of scale

Give access to procurement data and events to users across the enterprise

Use EdgeworthBox as a standalone solution or a complement to existing infrastructure

What Does EdgeworthBox Do for You?

EdgeworthBox is a container for everything you need to execute RFPs

Keep all your procurement events and data combined with collaboration tools in one dedicated application

Access public sector procurement data including contracts and pricing

Collaborate internally and externally

Solicit a broader array of suppliers using easier onboarding

Accelerate consensus using proprietary scoring tools

How Does EdgeworthBox Make This Happen?

EdgeworthBox is a cloud-native AWS application

Functionality built on top of global, best-of-breed architecture

Reduced risk around security, reliability, and operational excellence

Public and private repos of structured procurement data

Messaging tools as part of a broader social network

Scoring tools for stakeholder consensus

What Does EdgeworthBox Deliver?

EdgeworthBox gives buyers real economic value

Faster procurement cycles

Lower transactions costs

Lower opportunity costs

Better access to market intelligence

Improved supply chain visibility

How Do Suppliers Use EdgeworthBox?

EdgeworthBox streamlines sales for suppliers

Faster sales cycles

Focused new customer discovery

Simplified RFP response experience

Our customers

“EdgeworthBox and their ‘Request for Innovation’ helped us with the matching problem. We increased both the quality and the quantity of proposals we received.”

As a sourcing tool, Edgeworthbox has proved to be a robust and intuitive platform, bringing simplicity to the procurement of a significant and complex client requirement.

Sourcing made simple.

Improve the current approach to purchasing with tools, data, and community.

Execute easy RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, and reverse auctions.

Replace email and spreadsheets or augment your existing source-to-pay architecture.

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  • Faster cycles
  • Lower transactions costs
  • Lower opportunity costs
  • Market intelligence
  • Supply chain visibility
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