Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network Partner

As an AWS Partner Network Validated Software partner, EdgeworthBox has joined a global community that leverage AWS technologies, programs, expertise, and tools to build a secure, cloud-based procurement solution.

By building and partnering with AWS solutions, EdgeworthBox can innovate using the latest AWS technology, in the context of its best practices for the cloud, to deliver leading-edge solutions for our customers.

As part of the process of becoming an AWS Partner, EdgeworthBox passed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR). The FTR provides specific guidelines to adopt a subset of AWS best practices to reduce risks around security, reliability, and operational excellence, as defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Our customers can benefit from the market leadership of AWS because we have built our solution using AWS services with security and efficiency at the forefront.

With EdgeworthBox, buyers and suppliers enjoy a faster procurement/sales cycle, better problem/solution fit, and unique collaboration around structured data.

Sourcing made simple.

It’s free for buyers and suppliers to join.
Come see how our tools, data, and community can help you source better.

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