About EdgeworthBox

EdgeworthBox is a platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to transform procurement digitally with low-risk and low cost.

Organizing your internal sourcing data in a private repository means that you can extract more value from it internally, across the firm. Bringing people in from different functions like product and sales to talk about sourcing elevates the conversation to the level of the strategic.

Collaboration also means getting better market intelligence, faster, from other people like you in different organizations, and also from within your own organization

Onboarding vendors with a shared, standardized process makes it fast and easy for everyone. When you do this, you can solicit anyone for a proposal, confident that you can vet their risk quickly.

Our digital tools enable buyers and suppliers to shorten the procurement/sales cycle in a way that drives better product-solution fit. Buyers can feel more confident that they are living with the right product for the problem they are trying to solve. Suppliers can find the best long-term customers for what they sell.


Chand Sooran, Founder and CEO

Chand brings a unique combination of experience in public service, academic study in public finance and financial engineering, hard experience as a market-maker providing liquidity in foreign exchange options markets, industry knowledge as a hedge fund investor, and operational experience as COO of a VC-backed startup in the GovTech space.

Advisory Board

Diane Brady

Journalist, Author and Media Executive

Ian Brodie
Political Scientist, Executive, and Former Public Official

Shahzad Khan

Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur

Nik Nanos

Market Researcher and Entrepreneur

James Sbrolla

Entrepreneur and Journalist