How Is EdgeworthBox Different?

EdgeworthBox Has Variable Cost Pricing

Buyers and suppliers join EdgeworthBox for free, getting access to the tools, data, and community.

Other solutions have expensive subscription fees that are fixed costs.

Buyers pay a fee to host a reverse auction such as an RFP or RFQ.

We also have additional paid tools for suppliers, such as Golden Questions. Suppliers can host a “Reverse RFP.” They can pose the questions they wish customers would ask, pre-loaded with their answers.

EdgeworthBox Can Be Used as a Standalone Solution or as a Complementary Solution

Buyers and suppliers can replace their use of email and spreadsheets with EdgeworthBox.

Host your structured data in a private repository for sharing internally.

Or use EdgeworthBox to tap into the deep work you do with your main ERP or source-to-pay system.

EdgeworthBox Has Community and Collaboration

Uniquely, EdgeworthBox facilitates an internal conversation around procurement projects and data.

Different stakeholders can log into EdgeworthBox, using it as their internal hub for the procurement conversation.

Also, the social network enables buyers to build relationships with other buyers and with suppliers. Suppliers can develop business with other suppliers.

Why Is EdgeworthBox Better than Email and Spreadsheets?

Simpler Process Attracts More Supplier Competition on Price and Solution

EdgeworthBox makes it easy for suppliers to find your requests and to respond. It makes them want to submit a proposal.

With EdgeworthBox, buyers can cast a wider net. Our standardized approach to vendor onboarding means buyers can solicit anyone with a solution to their problems, not just those with a pre-existing relationship.

How many supplier proposals are you missing by using email and spreadsheets?

Quick, Relevant Market Intelligence Speeds Up the Procurement Cycle

Buyers can get up to speed on categories very quickly by obtaining access to public sector RFPs and contracts.

Buyers can check out suppliers invisibly, without informing supplies of their intent to purchase, while still investigating their product offerings.

Buyers can find other buyers to leverage their knowledge, even buyers from other industries.

How many suppliers decide not to respond because the buyer put together a poorly written RFP?

Faster Stakeholder Consensus Leads to Strategic Decisions and Better Buy-In

One of the key functions of the modern procurement function is building internal stakeholder consensus.

People from the C-Suite, finance, operations, product, marketing, and sales all have opinions.

EdgeworthBox becomes the central hub for a strategic discussion of the procurement, centered around broadly-shared structured data.

How much longer does the RFP process take because your internal workflow is manual?

Why is EdgeworthBox More Attractive than Source-to-Pay Systems?

The EdgeworthBox User Experience Is Simple and Familiar

EdgeworthBox does not require any implementation.

EdgeworthBox does not require any training.

It looks and works like a consumer app your Millennial staff will feel comfortable using.

It is something suppliers will want to use in interacting with you.

EdgeworthBox Has Only the Features You Need to Execute a Sourcing Event

So many source-to-pay systems or ERP sourcing modules come with features that buyers and suppliers never use. They just pay for them.

EdgeworthBox contains only features that you will need to execute a sourcing event.

With EdgeworthBox, buyers and suppliers will not feel that they are paying for things they don’t require.

EdgeworthBox Has a Social Network for Better Collaboration and Category Intelligence

Source-to-pay systems and ERP modules have a one-to-many orientation: one buyer dealing with multiple suppliers.

EdgeworthBox has a many-to-many setup. Everyone on EdgeworthBox can talk to and interact with everyone else.

Buyers can get category intelligence from other buyers, or from supplier profile pages.

Suppliers can develop business with other suppliers for joint business ventures.

Buyers and suppliers can develop relationships with one another, so that they know what the other side actually does and truly wants.

Does This Help Buyers Source from Diverse Suppliers?

We designed EdgeworthBox to make it easy for any business, including MWBEs. This includes a user experience similar to that of a consumer app. MWBEs can be up and running very quickly.

What are EdgeworthBox's Key Features?

EdgeworthBox has three features taken from financial markets:

  • Standardized, simplified vendor onboarding and risk management
  • Public and private repositories of structured data related to live and historic procurement activities
  • A social network including profile pages for invisible discovery and messaging for collaboration across the membership

The benefits are:

  • A wider set of potential suppliers and solutions for any buyer’s B2B purchase
  • Ready access to category intelligence, from the public sector, other companies, and the firm’s own history
  • Novel business development opportunities
  • Deeper opportunities for collaboration and innovation

Why Did EdgeworthBox Price Its Solution This Way?

EdgeworthBox prices its platform to lower the risk of adoption for both buyers and suppliers.

How Does EdgeworthBox Help Me Coordinate Internally?

EdgeworthBox permits an unlimited number of seats per organization for no cost.

This means that people from the C-Suite, finance, operations, marketing, engineering, product, or sales can log into EdgeworthBox and join the procurement conversation.

EdgeworthBox is the central place for this internal community when they are speaking about sourcing.

How Does EdgeworthBox Recruit Buyers and Suppliers?

We recruit buyers and suppliers with direct selling.  Our members recruit companies they deal with. We work with consulting firms and other channel partners to recruit, as well.

Often, when a buyer gives us a project to execute, we will recruit suppliers to submit proposals.

Can Suppliers Respond to the RFx on EdgeworthBox or Do They Have to Upload a Document?

We can accommodate both scenarios. Buyers can request bidders to upload a proposal. Or we can set up a form for the suppliers to complete.